Surely an introduction to one of the worlds most infamous power boats is not needed but just in case,

Pushing for speed on land and water was Donald Campbell’s life; he achieved success many times managing to break the world water speed record seven times in 10 years before the accident happened. In 1967 it was Bluebird K7 and Donald’s last attempt, trying to better the 276mph that the record stood at, on Coniston Lake when on the second run she lifted out and flipped over ending Donald's life.

After resting there for over 30 years the K7 was recovered from Coniston Lake by a team of divers headed by Bill Smith.

Bill and Gina Campbell, Donald's daughter, are now trying to restore the K7 to its former glory
"I want the young people from all over the world to be able to come and view her in the museum, in Coniston where she can be displayed as she should be so she can show what she achieved, what my father achieved and what British engineering achieved" Said Gina

Bill is looking for volunteers to help in the restoration process so to find out more or pledge your support please visit bluebird project or Fund Site for available merchandise and books detailing the man the boats and the records.