Boatshed is all about making buying a boat easier. This month we have launched VR, which alongside our hundreds of photos and videos makes the yacht brokerage sales process more transparent and faster.

Why Boatshed VR ? are currently the only boat sales company that use Virtual Reality technology and this is another reason why we sell more boats than any other yacht broker. Want to get a look inside Gypsy Moth IV or a Class 40 then have a look at our showcase website

Why VR sells boats faster ?

Boatshed are using VR technology for their customers to better understand the environment inside a boat. Because the image can be manipulated by the viewer on a screen or by looking at it through a VR headset, the experience is much better and it embraces the Boatshed principles of clarity and transparency of information.

It is almost as good as being on the boat itself. This means less wasted physical visits and a faster sale for each boat.

See an example on Neil's video -

Why not ask your local Boatshed broker about listing your boat utilising Boatshed VR technology?

What is the business case for VR?

It is also interesting from a business perspective how VR technology is being used by Boatshed. Much of the VR adopted by companies so far has been to create marketing or social media interest. However in Boatshed's case there is clear commercial value as it is a tool that will help boats sell faster.

Boatshed is continuing to focus on investing in technology to accelerate it's sales process.

"In the very competitive yacht brokerage marketplace, technology such as VR, our new Boat listing App and machine learning are vital tools to keep our business selling more boats. It is about selling boats faster, If another broker sells the boat we do not get paid. There is no prize for second place !"

Neil Chapman, Boatshed founder.

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